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Leopoldo_Gilfillan: you Can receive monthly deliveries ----->
07-05-2019 7:57:am
ur_mum: im gay lol
02-11-2018 7:37:pm
AlexTKidd: Love this site! Thanks for the memories
24-09-2018 4:18:pm
07-05-2018 1:20:pm
26-04-2018 8:22:pm
Bobby: Tubular
12-04-2018 8:26:pm
ASQ2276: Awesome!! SEGA is great
16-12-2017 1:19:pm
Mario: my legs are too short for sonic
29-09-2017 1:36:pm
Ooze: *Sees 2009 shouts* I M L A T E
17-09-2017 9:45:pm
Bonita9691: I truly love your blog.. Excellent colors & theme. Did you make this site yourself? Please reply back as I'm looking to create my own personal website and would love to find out where you got this from or what the theme is named. Kudos!
22-08-2017 12:20:pm
Nasr: Where is the in game pause button?
15-12-2016 6:13:am
joao_lucas: like
04-05-2016 12:44:am
Monkey2: I Love WonderBoy!!
05-11-2015 11:28:am
8001: USA
29-04-2012 1:00:pm
Guiest: an other free emulator site! cool
02-01-2012 7:00:pm
Hm: bit slow
05-07-2011 4:50:pm
Error: You know you might want to mention the game if you need help
17-03-2011 1:42:pm
eli: OMG I JUST COMPLETED DOUBLE DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25-11-2010 9:27:am
bob_poo_hole: love you
07-10-2010 9:50:pm
785658: USA
31-08-2010 5:13:pm
kimmy: alex the kidd in miracle world
26-08-2010 8:28:pm
kimmy: help, need help downloading this game. ive missed it n just found it again.how do i play it i cant figure it out plz x
26-08-2010 8:27:pm
B-ron: i love the mJ game SMMOUUUTHHH CRINIMAL
04-07-2010 3:59:pm
dom: this site is amazin!!!
01-07-2010 10:04:am
kyle: how do u press start im pressing enter but it doesnt start
18-06-2010 1:20:am
4232: USA
16-05-2010 2:15:pm
John: No. BurgerTime
10-05-2010 7:49:pm
alan: hi retros..lol
24-04-2010 9:52:am
Me: alex Kidd?
20-02-2010 4:22:pm
StalkS : Downloads Have been fixed!
28-01-2010 3:21:pm
StalkS : I'm looking into the download issues. hopefully should be back up soon
28-01-2010 1:42:pm
19-01-2010 10:04:pm
vickie: i cant download alex the kid
19-01-2010 9:58:pm
seymour: you guys are lonely virgins
07-01-2010 7:04:am
help: how do i start a game
16-12-2009 8:32:pm
StalkS : Master of Darkness now works!!
15-12-2009 5:09:pm
Dan: Why is it not working
01-12-2009 11:06:am
Anononomous: hecccc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03-08-2009 8:46:pm
Bpaterson: HI Dudes
03-08-2009 7:49:pm
StalkS : I have!! It's called Mick & Mack Global Gladiators
28-07-2009 1:50:pm
couchy: you should have the game McDonald's Global Gladiators on here
24-07-2009 7:12:pm
chaos: OMG master of darkness doensn't wofor me
12-06-2009 8:02:am
bill: whats the name of the game where your some dude who has a bicycle or unicycle and has some like hat with helicopter thing on it
09-06-2009 5:49:pm
badman: all you pussys who wants a fight
07-06-2009 2:03:pm
Ninjor: omg how do you use scorpions spear XD
30-05-2009 6:49:pm
Kank: awesome, site kicks *ss im on it constantly
07-03-2009 12:34:am
StalkS!: I'll look into it for you!
04-03-2009 9:30:pm
Kank: is there any way to make this emulator full screen?
28-02-2009 10:48:pm
ninjauk: sup niggas#
21-01-2009 7:09:pm
Sbie: Luv it. play it everyday. only a shame I cant save the game
19-01-2009 12:12:pm
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