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Phantasy Star

Cross Palma's Lava Field Undamaged

To cross the lava field on Palma without getting hurt just use the hovercraft (if you use the land rover you'll get hurt) and cruise over the lava all you want. But you will still encounter enemies like Merman though.



Free Escapes

The wand, Noah's most powerful weapon, can be used as a reusable escaper. Use it in battle, and you'll automatically run away from the enemy! Like the escaper or the "BYE" spell, it doesn't work against boss monsters or when you're trapped in a corner.



Getting Myau

To get Myau, one of your characters in the game, go to the upper right spot of the first town called Camineet. A guy will give you a pot. Take it. Then go to Scion, which is to the right of Camineet (make sure you have 200 Meastas). Go to the shop that sells rare secrets -- try and purchase 3 of them. The shopkeeper will give you a ROADPASS, keep that also. Now head to the conveyor belt that is next to Camineet. Buy a PASSPORT from one of the shops and fly to Motavia. Find a shop that sells rare animals. He will ask you to buy it for 1 BILLION MEASTAS!!! Say "no". He will then ask you to trade. Say "yes" and he will give you Myau!



Equipping a shield on Noah

Contrary to popular belief, Noah may equip a shield. The Laser Shield, sold in Albion on Palma, may be equipped to boost Noah's defensive capabilities.



Escaping combat

Use the Wand as an item during combat to allow the party to escape. Using it is the equivalent as casting "Bye" or using an Escaper. The Wand can be purchased in Skure on Dezoris. Buy one for Noah and another to keep in your inventory

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