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Scroll Locations

FIRST SCROLL: Located on screen #1. Kill the transforming Ninja.

SECOND SCROLL: Located on screen #4. Shoot the Dog Statue on the far left, 5 times.

THIRD SCROLL: Located on screen #6. Go to the first Samurai House surrounded by a Moat, on the left hand side of the screen. Cross the footbridge and go to the top right corner. Shoot the corner (to the left of the bush) of the house.

FOURTH SCROLL: Located on screen #8. Go through the entry way to the open field. Shoot the last bush towards the back wall.

FIFTH SCROLL: Located on screen #9. Crawl up the wall (disappearing really helps), staying on the right side as you make your way up. When you reach the falling rocks, you can stop them from falling, by shooting the rock hole at the far right side 46 times (this is not necessary to find the scroll). Go up, past the rock holes, and start fighting the main boss of the round, but do not kill him. Leave him and go to the far right side of the screen (on the same walkway the main boss is on) to get the scroll. Once you have received the scroll, go back and kill the boss.



Tons Of Bonus Points

Note: A Rapid-Fire Unit or a rapid-fire Genesis controller is needed for this trick.

On the first level, go up next to the first tree and shoot at the it for about 30 minutes (tape the button down and go read or watching some TV). When you come back, finish the level as you normally would. At the screen where you recieve your bonus points you will get so many points that it will take about ten minutes for the game to count them down!



Walkthru: Maze Round

When you first enter the maze, go left. Make a right at the first passageway. Shoot and disappear a lot here, allow the bad guys to chase you. Be sure to watch your back. Stay along the right until you reach the first opening. Make a right between the middle pillars (there will be eight on both sides). Then get ready to fight the main boss!



Walkthru: Screen Ten

Walk along the middle of the stone grey walkway to the stairs. This will place you onto another walkway. There will be bushes on your right, and bushes with round grey statues on your left. Go up to the last grey statue and punch it three times, then disappear three times. A message will appear, and you will move on to the Maze Round.



Bonus lives

Note: A controller with an auto-fire option is recommended. Locate the round tree on the right side of the first screen of level 1. Eliminate the first Ninja that appears. Approach the tree and shoot it for approximately fifteen minutes. Complete the level with 0% to receive ten lives and a large amount of bonus points.

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