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Enduro Racer

Playing Tips

When you are at the top of a jump, press the Directional Pad Down, then Up and your speed will remain at 200 Kmph.

When you go off a jump at 200 Kmph, push the Brake Button (1), then just before the motorcycle hits the ground, push the Accelerator Button (2). The result is that your jump will float a little longer. This trick can considerably lower your times.

Super jumps

Approach a jump at 200 kph and press Down, Up at the top of the jump. The speed of your bike will remain at 200 kph. Then, press 1 while in the air, and press 2 just before your bike hits the ground. This will allow your bike to remain in the air for a longer amount of time.

Level select

Press Up, Down, Left, Right at the title screen. A number that corresponds to the starting level will appear on the top right corner to confirm correct code entry. Press Up or Down to select a level.

Sega Master System Hints & Tips

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