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Wonderboy In Monsterland

Play The Japanese Version

Insert the Wonder Boy in Monster Land cartrige into your Master System. Before you turn on the power, hold down buttons 1+2 and the little black button on the middle of the d-pad and turn on the power. If done correctly, when the game comes on, you should see the words "Sega Mark III" and then the game will be in japanese and will be a lot harder.



Level select (European version)

Press Down + Start at the title screen for a level select feature. Press Up to select a new starting level.



Level select (Japanese version)

Hold 1 + 2 + D-pad button and power on the Master System console.



Level select

Press 1, 1, 2, 2, 1 + 2 when the level and stage numbers are displayed.



Forty five more gold pieces

Obtain the sword from the fortune teller during the first scene. Press Pause(73) on controller two to collect more gold.

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