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Wonderboy 3: The Dragons Trap

Legendary Equipment

If your looking for the legendary equipment, they are all in the first castle of the game where you fought the first dragon and turned into lizard man. You must be hawk man to get these, fly above the village and to the right, keep heading right until you see an arrow pointing right. That's where the castle is.

The armor and sword are easy to find, but the shield isnt. Go through the castle normally, and remember to go to the boss room, theres no boss there, but there's a treasure chest with 4000 gold. Continue to the right, heading out of the castle. Once outside, jump back in the well. You won't go back in the castle, push Up, and you will appear in a store where you can buy the Legendary Shield for 5000 gold.



Ultimate Password

Enter the password "WE5T ONE 0000 000" to start in the village with every item, 99 stones, and almost 1,000,000 gold.



Super password

Enter WE5T ONE 0000 000 as a password to start in the village with all items, ninety-nine stones, and almost one million gold pieces. Enter 3YGU PYZ ZY7K NRR as a password to start will all armor, shield, and weapon items as the Hu-Man. Note: If you change to Lizard-Man form in the town you will not be able to transform back to Hu-Man.



Ending sequence

Enter MJWH WC5TY3B XJR as a password.

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