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Download Profile: Penguin Land

 Download Profile: Penguin Land

Welcome to Penguin Land, where you're going underground to plan more than your next move. Because now, with the help of a super advanced battery, you can actually design each game maze as you play and save your maze for more fun later. Here's the setting. You're aboard a cosmic expedition that's full of action and adventure. And guess who's in command? That's right, you're Overbite, commander of a special Penguin Task Force. You mission: bring fragile eggs back safely to home from a foreign land. Your journey will take you deep into mysterious caverns where dangerous animals await to attack and destroy your eggs. But remember, your space ship and crew need you too. So be careful not to "crack-up" because you can't be a hero with "egg on your face"

Filesize: 55.37 Kb
Added on: Tue Jun 27 7:15:02 UTC 2006
Downloads: 14
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