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: Oh Dear 2004 and already trouble!!!
Posted on Monday, January 19, 2004 @ 09:57:30 UTC by stalks

Site Alert

Well Happy New Year to everyone A bit late I know, but I started a new job at the end of last year & have been tied up since! Hence no updates for over a month.

What has happened though is someone from SWEDEN has tried to rape the site for it's files and pushed my agreed bandwidth quota past it's limit! So thank you very much for that!! What I do not understand is that they didn't manage to get anything? Basically if your reading this please don't try it again as webharvesters will not work against the site. I've got your IP logged and I know who your service provider is! I really do not want to go through the hassle of trying to pursue some sort of legal action.

The system is in place to make it easy for everyone to use the site as I said in the downloads section, if this sort of thing keeps happening I'll be forced to make people register (& no one likes that!)

For the rest of the month the files will be offline (Even the emulator)! But this may not be such a bad thing as I'll be able to spend some time changing the contents of the site!


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