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: All your favourite SMS games in the palm of your hand?
Posted on Wednesday, November 05, 2003 @ 04:43:42 UTC by StalkS


Well the old way to do that would be to blow the dust off your Gamegear & attach the 'Master Gear' adapter!! Well times have moved on! & now, though it would have been unthinkable 10 years ago, you can relive all your favourite moments on........wait for it......a...Nintendo! Yep that's right!! In the 80/90's this would have been a cardinal sin, but now after Sega's succession of Turkeys and their final withdraw from the console arena, it actually makes sense! Thanks to Reesy's Dr SMS & a GBA flash cart! Check out the images below.

Menu Screen Wonderboy Unscaled
Menu Screen
In Game

All I can do is sing praises for Reesy's work! I can now carry all of my favourite Sega Master System games in my pocket! The Gamegear was good! But this is a whole lot better =) Check out Reesy's site for more information!!


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