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Nasr: Where is the in game pause button?
15-12-2016 6:13:am
joao_lucas: like
04-05-2016 12:44:am
Monkey2: I Love WonderBoy!!
05-11-2015 11:28:am
8001: USA
29-04-2012 1:00:pm
Guiest: an other free emulator site! cool
02-01-2012 7:00:pm
Hm: bit slow
05-07-2011 4:50:pm
Error: You know you might want to mention the game if you need help
17-03-2011 1:42:pm
eli: OMG I JUST COMPLETED DOUBLE DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25-11-2010 9:27:am
bob_poo_hole: love you
07-10-2010 9:50:pm
785658: USA
31-08-2010 5:13:pm
kimmy: alex the kidd in miracle world
26-08-2010 8:28:pm
kimmy: help, need help downloading this game. ive missed it n just found it again.how do i play it i cant figure it out plz x
26-08-2010 8:27:pm
B-ron: i love the mJ game SMMOUUUTHHH CRINIMAL
04-07-2010 3:59:pm
dom: this site is amazin!!!
01-07-2010 10:04:am
kyle: how do u press start im pressing enter but it doesnt start
18-06-2010 1:20:am
4232: USA
16-05-2010 2:15:pm
John: No. BurgerTime
10-05-2010 7:49:pm
alan: hi retros..lol
24-04-2010 9:52:am
Me: alex Kidd?
20-02-2010 4:22:pm
StalkS : Downloads Have been fixed!
28-01-2010 3:21:pm
StalkS : I'm looking into the download issues. hopefully should be back up soon
28-01-2010 1:42:pm
19-01-2010 10:04:pm
vickie: i cant download alex the kid
19-01-2010 9:58:pm
seymour: you guys are lonely virgins
07-01-2010 7:04:am
help: how do i start a game
16-12-2009 8:32:pm
StalkS : Master of Darkness now works!!
15-12-2009 5:09:pm
Dan: Why is it not working
01-12-2009 11:06:am
Anononomous: hecccc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03-08-2009 8:46:pm
Bpaterson: HI Dudes
03-08-2009 7:49:pm
StalkS : I have!! It's called Mick & Mack Global Gladiators
28-07-2009 1:50:pm
couchy: you should have the game McDonald's Global Gladiators on here
24-07-2009 7:12:pm
chaos: OMG master of darkness doensn't wofor me
12-06-2009 8:02:am
bill: whats the name of the game where your some dude who has a bicycle or unicycle and has some like hat with helicopter thing on it
09-06-2009 5:49:pm
badman: all you pussys who wants a fight
07-06-2009 2:03:pm
Ninjor: omg how do you use scorpions spear XD
30-05-2009 6:49:pm
Kank: awesome, site kicks *ss im on it constantly
07-03-2009 12:34:am
StalkS!: I'll look into it for you!
04-03-2009 9:30:pm
Kank: is there any way to make this emulator full screen?
28-02-2009 10:48:pm
ninjauk: sup niggas#
21-01-2009 7:09:pm
Sbie: Luv it. play it everyday. only a shame I cant save the game
19-01-2009 12:12:pm
F_Stormer_3000: Hey, what's the name of the game where you go round fighting bad guys and you face this fat man
18-01-2009 5:21:pm
Rofthestar: Update your site bald eagle
16-01-2009 8:49:am
Dane: RAD!
18-12-2008 2:15:am
Jeff: Show me the Kidd!
11-11-2008 2:07:pm
Rudolph: My Your Site Rules dude
07-11-2008 1:16:pm

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